Fabio Sferruzzi

I’m an imaginative and bold entrepreneur since 2004. I have gained a broad experience in Digital Business Development, working with large companies and building startups. Here below there are some of the startups I founded and projects I created: - Talent Garden Turin (co-working) 2012 - Talent Garden Fondazione Agnelli (co-working) 2016 - OGR Tech powered by Talent Garden (co-working) 2019 - Futureland (Big international tech event) 2017 - ConnectedCity (Innovation Program) 2018 - MiaCar (Automotive e-commerce) 2016 - Beneficy (Welfare marketplace) 2016 - Echo (Digital Studio) 2004 - Ablex (LegalTech - GRC) 2019 "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." - Albert Einstein

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